3 top 3D printing trends of 2021

3 top 3D printing trends of 2021

3 top 3D printing trends of 2021

Although many people perceive 3D printing as something that’s relatively new, the technology has been with us for almost four decades and has never stopped changing and evolving since its inception thanks to new technology and 3D print innovations.

As we move towards the end of the year, let’s take a look at some of the biggest trends that have been emerging in the world of 3D printing and how new technology has been helping to push the boundaries of creativity during a global pandemic.

Thinking outside the box

For many small businesses faced with having to put in place new processes or close their doors altogether, Covid has meant that many companies that depend upon their 3D print capabilities to create scale models or 3D samples have seen many people taking up the helm at home to keep those business wheels turning.

With more and more people giving 3D printing from home a try, fresh thinking and creative new ideas that don’t rely on overseas printed imports have been booming over the last 18 months and given the British economy new solutions on how to 3D print themselves rather than rely on others.

Driving this trend is the availability of new 3D print nozzles that can be ordered online and trialled at home, so why not check out our latest range here and try something new for yourself?


Customisation is king 

Another significant trend that we've seen emerging in 2021 is pushing the parameters of what your 3D printer can do to create fully customised prints, with many businesses and print enthusiasts revisiting the settings of their printers.

With new technology allowing 3D printers to provide more options than ever before, people are exploring the potential power that their printers have to offer and getting creative with their prints like never before, with customisation leading the way for a new generation of 3D printers with greater setting customisation in the pipeline for 2022 and beyond.

Better still, a new range of Pantone matched filaments from Fibreforce is helping those concerned with branding stick to their corporate colours easily and customise prints in a variety of vibrant hues, so take a look at how you can customise your prints and keep your brand recognition through colour.

A growing number of hobbyists 

With government-enforced lockdowns, many more people have been tapping into the world of 3D printing as an excellent hobby to keep their minds occupied.

From printing models of the most popular TV shows such as the Mandalorian to making home accessories such as vases and USB cable clips, the amount of people turning to 3D printing is booming thanks to the availability of good quality 3D printer filament or resin and reconditioned 3D printers that are not just easy to view and buy online, but also offer excellent value for money for anyone thinking of taking up 3D printing as a hobby this year.