3D Printed… Clothing?!

3D Printed… Clothing?!

Fashion trends are ever-changing, and for many, it’s hard to keep up. One of the newest trends is deemed to be the ‘new way of fashion…’ but what is it?

3D printed clothing. Yup, you read that right. Instead of the traditional cutting fabric and stitching with a sewing machine, designers are now creating files to send to their 3D printers to create fabrics, clothing accessories (claps, chains, etc.), or even entire clothing articles. The designers claim that 3D printed clothing is much more ethical than traditional fast fashion because the worker is a machine, not a person in a sweatshop. But is it worth it?

3D printed bowtie 

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is the creation of an object by use of a machine that layers material on top of itself. This material is typically plastic or resin, but newer technologies have achieved thread, powder, or even edible matter printing. Could you imagine eating a hamburger that was printed out?

Most uses of 3D printing have been for decoration. Everybody’s seen that TikTok of the 3D printed version of The Rock’s head, right? This ground-breaking new trend hits sustainability and ethics to a whole new ballpark and allows the consumer to make something for themselves.

How it Works

Not all brands use the same method, but most do. Unlike regular textiles, most 3D printed clothing is made out of plastic, so it’s much more rigid. While you might think that this plastic is bad for the environment, in the long run, 3D printed clothing can actually be melted down to create something new, whether it be another article of clothing or a jewellery stand.

Brands like Danit Peleg allow the consumer to have full control over their printing experience by simply providing the blueprint for a printer to follow. This DIY adventure is a great project for those looking to tackle something new and exciting. Other brands will print the item themselves and then sell the finished product to customers who don’t have the time (or the printer) to deal with making their own fashion statements.

The Drawbacks

Currently, most 3D printed pieces are too rigid to wear without something underneath, so 3D printing hasn’t yet eliminated the need for textile clothing completely. However, we expect new technologies to soon be discovered and utilized to eradicate this issue by creating a softer, more natural material in a cost-effective manner.

Make Your Own Clothing

Want to make your own 3D printed clothing? Try out this hex tie! By printing out individual hex pieces and snapping them together, you have full control of the size and look of this formal piece. What better way to say, “I’m sexy and I know it,” than with a 3D printed tie that you can say you made yourself?

3D printed tie

Get Creative

This chainmail design allows you to create a ‘fabric’ that you can do whatever you want. Make jackets, shirts, dresses, pants, accessories, or whatever else you could possibly want! Take control and make it your own.

3D printed chain mail design

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