3D Printing as an Easy-Affordable Technology

3D Printing as an Easy-Affordable Technology

3 Dimensional printing was invented in Japan in the 1980s. Printing machines were very different in those days; they were challenging to use. After many growing and moulding years, in 2010, 3D printing was made more accessible for users by decreasing the prices. Now,3D printing is affordable for the common man. From cars to musical instruments, jewellery to electronic devices, all the everyday items are being produced using this technology. 

Early 3D printing technology

Benefits of 3D Printing Technology

There are numerous benefits of 3D printing; a few of them are listed below:

  • Affordable and Accessible Teaching Source

3 Dimensional Technology has also revolutionized the field of education; teachers can use 3D printers in their teaching and training. For example, while teaching the topic "insect species", a field trip may hamper the school budget. So, a teacher can easily access the model of insects by using 3D printing. There are no delays in lessons due to the unavailability of material and even responding to students' questions. A new model is just a few hours away.

  • Enhances Creativity and Innovations

The teacher can involve students in creating their own new models. When students get the models in their hands, their creativity boosts. This technology exposes students' hidden potential by bringing their ideas into 3D models. It also keeps students involved in the lessons as well. When students analyze models' creation process, they keenly do experiments to get their desired model. Usage of 3D printers develops patience, persistence and problem-solving skills.

Children learning with 3D printing technology 

  • A bridge between Practical and Theory

3D printing minimizes the distance between theory and practical work. Implementing learnt concepts in real life is the one primary purpose of education. After graduation, students must go into real life to practise their knowledge. 3D printing allows them to apply their expertise in creating models during studies that will enable visualization and touch of their models.

  • Utilization in Different Industries

Not only in science and engineering, but 3D printing is equally beneficial in beauty and fashion, beauty, health etc. For example, 3D models in construction are highly in demand. The investors want to know how their building will be in reality. Simple ink printing may not tell a lot about it; however, the 3D model can satisfy how the product will be.

  • More Customizing Options

One significant advantage of 3D printing in the industry is customization and personalization options. Before the production of an actual project, you have its 3 Dimensional models in your hand so you can change the pattern and design. 3D printing provides the opportunity for feedback and reviews about the model. That is very supportive of the actual product creation. 

3D printing CAD software

  • Time and Money Saving

3D Printing saves time, energy and money as the model of the item is analyzed before production. If the product the rejected by the client, it will cost a lot to the industry. So it is time-saving as well to present a 3D model first.

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3D Printing as an Easy-Affordable Technology written by Iqra Tanveer

Iqra has seven years experience of in teaching, learning, training and writing.