3D printing ideas for your upcoming event

3D printing ideas for your upcoming event

Being in the wedding and event industry for quite some time has taught me that you must constantly come up with fresh ideas to keep each event unique, all within the needs of each customer, couple, or company. And personalization is one of my favourite ways to bring your event to the next level, regardless of the type of event you are planning. It could be a wedding, a corporate event, or even a birthday party. If you are looking for some inspiration for your upcoming event, I recommend you keep reading.

Branded items

Conventions and corporate events are usually filled with items with your brand colours and logo to keep a presence with peers or potential customers. But there comes a moment when having another mug or cap makes no sense, and there is where you will step up and gift a unique 3D-printed item.

Keep it related to your business and useful to make a big impact. You can come up with a clever way to add your colours and logo to multiple items. Still, some of my personal favourites are 3D printed AirPods cases, phone cases, phone stands, reusable coffee cup sleeves, planters, and event organizers for cables or coins.

3D printed phone stand

Useful favours

Nothing we love more than receiving a favour or gift that we will use and love when we attend a wedding or corporate event. Let's be honest; no one wants a bottle opener with the initials of the couple or a mug with the company name. You end up putting all those things away because they don't fit your style. When choosing items to give away as gifts, remember how useful they are and how their look can match your customer or guest's personality.

Start by defining your crowd. If you are attending a tech convention, keep it within the items they use. On the other hand, for a wedding, you must have an item that suits both women and men with multiple interests. If you need some inspiration, here are a couple of ideas to add 3D printing to your next event.


- Dancing sandals.

- Measuring spoons.

- 3D planter with a succulent or aromatic plant.

3D printed planters

Corporate event 

- Card holders.

- Desk organizers.

- Bag clip.

- A bottle opener.

- Phone amplifier.

3D printed card holder

Project presentation 

Finally, if you are having a presentation at your workplace or a convention, you can always add 3D printing to it and make it memorable for the attendants. Perhaps you are presenting a new prototype, a building, a car; you name it. Wouldn't it be awesome to have it on a table as a 3D object instead of everyone looking at the wall or a screen? Trust me; having such a unique item in your next presentation works magnificently.

There are clever and unique ways to add 3D printing to any celebration or event. I have seen full houses being 3D printed, so trust me, when you find the right 3D printing service and team, you won't have limitations to your creativity. The sky is the limit.

3D printing ideas for your upcoming event written by Rebeca Delatorre.

I'm a wedding and event planner who loves writing and giving valuable information to couples.