Branding matters: finding the right Pantone printer filament

Branding matters: finding the right Pantone printer filament

Branding matters: finding the right Pantone printer filament

When it comes to branding, colour really does matter.

Your brand should be an instantly recognisable visual identity that conveys meaning, but start playing around with any branding colours that have served your company well for years, and you could potentially weaken your brand position and cause confusion amongst your client base.

Therefore, it's essential that your brand colour is uniform throughout any tangible brand assets, including both display and promotional materials, so it's good news that there's a 3D print filament that offers the perfect colour match and is now available to order direct from 3D Print Monkey!

100% colour match capabilities

The first and only 3D printer filament manufacturer that holds Pantone certification, Fiberforce is shaking up the world of 3D print filaments with an incredible range of high-quality, Pantone matched filament options that offer 100% colour matched certainty – something that up until now simply wasn’t available.

As the UK’s only certified UK reseller, the experts at 3D Print Monkey will be happy to advise you on the various filament types that offer these Pantone matching capabilities, so get in touch today to find out more.

Great compatibility 

Fiberforce filament is also easy to print and compatible with all the leading brands of FDM/FFF printers available on the market, making it a universally accepted material in a wide range of 3D printers and can help users maximise their branding through the power of colour.

Better still, each Fiberforce order you place on the 3D Print Monkey website will award you with reward points that can be collected over time, making your Fiberforce Pantone filament great value for money. 

Boost your green credentials 

Fiberforce Pantone printer filament also has a low environmental impact, so you can boost your green credentials as you print!

Using PLA obtained from biological resources, this innovative material is biodegradable under proper conditions and therefore can help promote your commitment to the environment, something that not all 3D print filaments can boast!

To find out more about Fiberforce 3D printer filament, get in touch with the 3D Print Monkey team today.