Food Moulds, and the Makyu Vacuum Former

Food Moulds, and the Makyu Vacuum Former

Since humans first start cooking, thousands and thousands of years ago, cooks have been experimenting with the exact shape and size to make different food items. There are obvious choices, sure, but human nature demands a little creativity to boost your food over the competition!

Making Food Moulds

Making food moulds is a great way to shape food in interesting, customizable ways. You can easily create dozens and dozens of food items in the same shape as one another with the correct mould, all identical to one another.

This allows for an element of repeatability, something that businesses have long been fans of. Consumers want your product to be predictable, so food businesses often turn to moulds to ensure that’s the case.

The problem with food moulds, however, is that they can be expensive to make. A restaurant typically cannot afford to get their own vacuum former, which means that they need to find a (hopefully local) business that will do the work for them.

After that point, they need to pay for a long and complex prototyping procedure and hope that they get the product they want before they run out of money.

They have to do all of this while having the majority of the work be done by someone else. Outsourcing that work is completely necessary, as well as completely infuriating - it means delays whenever you have notes or changes that you’d like to make, and it can ensure that you don’t actually lay your hands on your prototype until it’s too late for changes to be made.

To solve these problems, enter the Makyu Formbox.

How the Makyu Vacuum Former Helps Small Creators and Businesses

The Makyu Formbox has the strength and intense ability of a machine many times its size, though it’s smaller than the average laptop, and costs around the same as the most affordable laptops on the market.

As it’s so small and affordable, it allows small businesses and creatives to vacuum form things in no time at all, and in no space at all. With little more than the Formbox, a creator can quickly and efficiently generate a precise and efficient mould, leading to their next creation before long.

                                                                                Chocolatier using the vacuum Formbox

Something that we’re always really impressed by with the Makyu Formbox is that it harnesses the power of a domestic vacuum cleaner to efficiently form moulds around items that you’re using. This system is entirely automatic, which makes the process exceptionally easy.

Chocolatier using the vacuum Formbox

Finally, we want to mention the rapidity of the machine. The Formbox is efficient and fast to the point that a chef in a restaurant could get inspired by a salt shaker in the morning, and by serving shaker-shaped ice cream that evening.

We’re truly passionate about the capabilities of the Makyu Formbox - it’s a powerful piece of kit that allows you to generate fully functional moulds in no time at all. To really boost the food moulds that you can make as a creative or a small business, there’s no better step than to invest in a Makyu Formbox!

Food Moulds, and the Makyu Vacuum Former written by Lewis Brindley

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