Top Fashion 3D Printing Hacks

Top Fashion 3D Printing Hacks

You might be confused as to why I put ‘fashion’ and ‘3D printing’ in the same sentence, but the truth is that there are hundreds of cool fashion hacks that you can literally print out of your favourite material to step up your aesthetic game. 3D printing allows you to take your look to the next level by allowing you to print out the perfect accessory for your outfit or create a holder for your sunglasses. The opportunities are endless, and it’s time to put your imagination to the test.

What is 3D Printing?

Maybe you’ve never heard of 3D printing, but boy, do we have a treat for you! 3D printers literally create an object out of seemingly thin air by piping resin, plastic, metal, thread, powder, or even food onto a small holding plate. In this article, we’ll cover standard plastic filament printing instead of any of the other fancy stuff, but you should definitely check back to our blog often to see if there’s anything new.

There are thousands of 3D printers on the market, and it can be hard to find just the perfect one for your printing needs, whether you want to print out action figures or bracelets. If you haven’t picked out your printer yet, be sure to view our highly informational guide to buying your first 3D printer.

The 3D Stigma

Unfortunately, there’s a pretty defined stigma against women and fashion in the 3D printing industry. Most people who own a 3D printer are men. Additionally, most marketing advertisements from 3D printer companies are directed at men. At 3D Print Monkey, we believe that everybody deserves to feel the joy of watching a machine slowly print out that thing you’ve always dreamed of.

Accessorize, Your Way

Chainmail bracelet 

Making a bracelet out of plastic isn’t as hard as it sounds with the right 3D printer. This chainmail bracelet allows you to pick the length of the bracelet, which is great for those of us with tiny or larger than average wrists that just can’t find a bracelet that fits the right way. It has a snap closure… no more fumbling with a chain that makes securing a bracelet a two-person job.

Twisted brick earrings 

Never grew out of the Lego phase? Yeah, us either. These adorable Lego brick earrings are perfect for any casual outing, and you’re sure to receive tons of compliments! All you need to do is attach the earring hook to the charm once you’ve printed out the piece in your chosen colour.

Glasses stand

Whether you wear prescription glasses or just love a cute vintage pair of sunglasses, you can organize your collection on a glasses tree like this one so you can see all of your options in one place. You’ll notice a big difference in picking out the perfect frames for your look.

3D printed dress

Nothing to wear? Why not print out a new dress for a night out? Yeah, you read that right. You could literally create a sheer dress that’s perfect for layering. This project might take a while, but the results are so cute!

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