Use of 3D Printing at Colleges and Universities

Use of 3D Printing at Colleges and Universities

3D printing technology has fantastically fitted its trend in education. SzulżykCieplak et al. cited that 3 Dimensional printing technology is undoubtedly a new wave in teaching and learning. Computer-aided design (CAD) and printed 3D models facilitate the learners to have a better understanding of the construction process. 3D Printing permits students to take out their ideas in the form of a model. They can check out the merits and demerits of their projects. It also enhances the involvement of the classes at all levels. 

3D Printing at Colleges and Universities

Students using 3D printers and software

3D Printing has helped teachers in their lessons; for example, if a specific material is not available for presentation in their classes, they can easily take a 3D model. The benefits of 3D Printing for teachers are:

    The use of 3D Printing keeps students energized and active in their class.

    Concepts are easy to comprehend that are delivered with 3D models.

    Enhances the students' creativity and imaginations with spatial skills.

    3D Printing helps the teachers to teach a creation process.

    Supports in a variety of subjects and fields.

    Affordable and accessible teaching tool

    3D Printing in Different Subjects

Science: In teaching science, teachers can easily take 3D models of small objects like molecules and atoms. And teach the students how these atoms are connected in a molecular structure. 3D Printing has revolutionized science classrooms by making abstract concepts more understandable.                                                                                    3D printed molecules and atoms

History: Surprisingly, 3 Dimensional technology is successfully being used by history students. There are no boring lectures now; students have models of historical figures, buildings, momentums, etc.  3D Printing help them to think critically by examining models of how people were different culturally and how they lived in particular regions.

Mathematics: 3D models are an excellent way to calculate volumes, surface areas and problems to solve. CAD system allows students to have models for learning an abstract concept. Segerman, in his studies, indicated the importance of 3 Dimensional models  for mathematical visualization, comparing additive manufacturing) ( 3D Printing) with "subtractive" manufacturing techniques. 

Graphic Designing: Graphic designing students can get 3d models of their artwork and check its strengths and weakness. 

Geography: 3D printing help students to have models of topographical maps unseen by teachers and students. Students can create natural features of the earth with 3D Printing. 

Degrees in 3D Printing

Most higher education institutions do not offer Degree programs in 3D Printing because it is still in its experimental stages. However, some colleges and universities provide engineering and computer sciences courses. Here are a few options for the interested guys:

    Software Development


    Interior Designing

3D printed Chair

    Animation and Arts

    Computer programmer

    Mechanical Engineering

    Industrial Engineering

    Pharmaceutical Technology 


    3D Modellers

    3D Machine Designer

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Use of 3D Printing at Colleges and Universities written by Iqra Tanveer.

 Iqra has seven years experience of in teaching, learning, training and writing.