​Using 3D Printing this Christmas to Create your own Ornaments, Decor and Gifts

​Using 3D Printing this Christmas to Create your own Ornaments, Decor and Gifts

Printing 3D designs is a great way to individualize your ornaments, decorations and gift ideas. This growing trend of personalizing your decor and gift-giving is one to watch. You no longer have to settle for the standard offerings that you find in-store or online. Making your own 3D-printed creations might just be your new favourite hobby. 

Where to start

If this is your first time creating your own 3D-printed designs for Christmas, there are two places you should look for inspiration and information. Those two places are Thingiverse.com and Youtube. On Thingiverse, you’ll find a bunch of ready-to-print designs that are free to access. You can download the files and start 3D printing at home. If you need any tutorials then Youtube searches specific to your skill level will help you begin.

Christmas ornaments and decoration ideas

The great thing about 3D printing is that you can print just one item of a design or print multiple of them. You could take this reindeer design and print it once or make a series of them in different colours of your choice. 

Holiday Christmas Deer

If you would prefer to make decor that can stay up beyond Christmas, you might like to use a design that is winter-themed. These winter gnomes make for a great wall hanging with character. 


From the stylish to the adorable, you get to print whatever design you choose. These Christmas figurines could be used as tree ornaments or toys for stocking gifts. 

 Christmas Toys

You may like to print traditional baubles or hanging snowflake designs. From snowmen to pixel star tree toppers, you’ll be amazed at the variety of downloadable files you can find on Thingiverse.com. 

Gifts for the person who has everything (and the one you forgot)

There’s always that one person. The person that seemingly has everything they need and want. They’re the person you don’t want to get for Secret Santa. If you’ve been looking for a creative gift, why not print your own personalized gifts at home. Printing something unique for a friend, colleague or family member can be fun for you and they’ll be impressed by your creation and effort. 

During the rush of Christmas if you do forget a present for someone, keep in mind that it’s possible to 3D print a gift at home without having to go to the store. 

Stocking stuffer ideas

At-home 3D printing lends itself perfectly to making small gifts. There are so many fun gift ideas that you could use as stocking gifts. Whether you print jewellery, key chain designs or Christmas cookie cutters, you’ll find a gift for everyone. 

If gift wrapping is not your idea of fun, you could print a reusable Christmas gift box. This is perfect for small gifts or for creating a sweet gift voucher holder. 

If you’re hosting a Christmas party and like to give your guests a takeaway present, there are a plethora of small gift ideas that you could print as a small keepsake.

Gift them a 3D printer

Perhaps this is the year to buy an at-home 3D printer for your family or that person that keeps talking about how amazing 3D printing is. Perhaps they haven’t been able to stop talking about all the things you can make with a 3D printer. 

Activity ideas for kids with 3D printing

There is also plenty of fun 3D-printed activities for kids to make. You might like to print a template ahead of time and then on Christmas Day have them assemble an ornament or toy. Here’s an example of a mini-Christmas tree your child will love to put together. 

There are so many things you can make using 3D printing during the holiday season. If you're looking for some fun ways to celebrate Christmas this year, why not give 3D printing a try!

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