3D Print Monkey's Reconditioned 3D Printer Range

3D Print Monkey's Reconditioned 3D Printer Range

Reconditioned machines including; Elegoo Mars 2, Elegoo Saturn and Elegoo Mercury Plus wash and cure, are now available for purchase at a lower price than a brand-new unit. Our repair team thoroughly tests these printers at our facility to ensure they meet the same quality standards as new printers. 

Who could benefit from a reconditioned machine? 

With factory-reconditioned printers, a wider range of customers can access professional-grade 3D printing at a lower cost than purchasing a new printer. For businesses who wish to upgrade their current equipment without breaking the bank, these printers are also a great choice.

The benefits of a reconditioned 3D Printer

A reconditioned 3D printer from 3D Print Monkey not only offers excellent value but also delivers the same level of precision and reliability as a brand-new printer. There may be a few cosmetic imperfections on factory-reconditioned printers, but these do not affect the quality or function of the print.



You can now purchase reconditioned 3D printers from 3D Print Monkey, and you'll receive the same level of support and service as if you were buying a brand-new printer.

As part of our mission to make 3D printing technology more accessible and affordable within the UK, 3D Print Monkey now offers reconditioned 3D printers. These reliable and cost-effective 3D printers provide our customers with endless possibilities.

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