Monocure 3D IncredaFILL Ultimate Starter Kit

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Monocure 3D IncredaFILL Ultimate Starter Kit

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This ready-mixed, urethane-polymer filler uses the advanced technology of UV (Ultra-Violet) light to cure in an instant! This highly versatile material will adhere to most surfaces, including plastics, glass & metal. Apply a thin layer of IncredaFILL to any surface, then use the portable UV torch and watch it set rock hard! This 100% solid material was specially formulated using the latest microparticle technology. Once cured, UV & water-resistant, non-shrinking & non-cracking filler can be sanded then finished with any paint or varnish.

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  • Specification

    COLOUR: Grey
    MATERIAL: Standard
    SIZE: 350g tub

  • What's in the Box

    The IncredaFILL Ultimate Starter kit includes everything you need. The individual containers can be purchased separately when more material is needed.

    1 x 350 grams IncredaFILL filler paste

    1 x 18650 Rechargeable Battery

    1 x Pair Wrap UV400 Safety Glasses

    1 x UV LED 395nm Torch

    1 x USB Battery Smart Recharger

    3 x Plastic Filler Applicators

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  • Tips


    • Be sure to wear proper safety gear when working with IncredaFILL and sanding the cured material. Always try to avoid breathing in the fumes, filler particles or dust.
    • Prepare the surface with some light sanding (if needed). Using a slightly damp rag, wipe the area to remove dust and other contaminates.
    • Always work indoors and away from any UV light. Unscrew the lid to reveal the Safety seal (this is to prevent the product from accidental UV exposure. Remove the seal to expose the product.
    • Using a flexible metal or plastic applicator, scoop out a small amount of IncredaFILL from the Tub. We recommend testing a small batch before using it on your actual project.
    • Apply the paste in thin layers to the surface on which you are working. The smoother you can get it at this stage, the easier it will be when sanding.
    • ProTip: To save time with sanding, be sure not to overfill.
    • Once the treated area is smooth and ready, use a 395-405nm UV light source to start the curing process. To do this, expose the material to UV light for 15-20 seconds. Hold the light over the uncured material for larger areas and use a zig-zag pattern to expose a section at a time. Alternatively, you could place the object in direct sunlight to cure large areas quickly.
    • ProTip: For deeper holes, to ensure the product is adequately cured, apply and cure in thin layers to build it up.
    • Once IncredaFILL™ has been appropriately cured, wipe the surface with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA). Wiping removes any excess material that might remain on the surface.
    • Starting with coarse grade sandpaper (60-100 Grit), remove the excess filler. To ensure a smooth finish, step up the sandpaper grades, e.g. 80, 120, 240, 400, 800.
    • ProTip –  Unlike some fillers, IncredaFILL™ can be wet sanded. Using wet sandpaper helps keep the dust particles down and keeps it cleaner and less likely to gum up.
    • After reaching the desired smoothness, prepare the surface by wiping it with a “tack rag” to remove the dust left from sanding. Apply a good quality Paint Primer, and apply to the surface.
    • After the primer has dried, the topcoat can be applied (unless further sanding is required)
    • ProTip – To achieve the smoothest results, repeat the priming and wet sanding process.

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Monocure 3D IncredaFILL Ultimate Starter Kit

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