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Chitu Systems

Chitu Systems 6.08 Mono LCD For Elegoo Mars Pro

Chitu Systems 6.08 Mono LCD For Elegoo Mars Pro

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Discontinued LCD Screen and Part

Compatible 3D Printers

  • Elegoo Mars Pro

This 6.08" Monochrome screen Upgrade is for the Original Elegoo Mars Pro. This upgrade will require a firmware update from Chitu Systems. Perform upgrade and firmware update at your own risk.

The original ELEGOO Mars pro came with the Sharp04 screen, which is 5.5 inch 2K RGB LCD, since 2018 there are Mono LCD come out, and it is been widely use during 2019, the Phrozen sonic Mini, Anycubic Photon mono series and ELEGOO mars 2 series. Chitu Systems wrote an article about RGB vs Mono, you can check here.

Now most new resin 3d printers come with Mono screens, and even with 8K level resolutions.

In General, Mono screen has 3 advantage compare with RGB LCD.

The mono LCD has a better UV light transmittance, it means when you use the same resin, it takes less time to make it cure, and in the Chitubox setting you will only need exposure time around 2.5s. In RGB LCD the exposure time is about 8s~12s. Each layer save you a few seconds, if you are print large file, it is much faster.

The mono LCD has a process optimisation, which makes the screen can running in a long term under the UV light, it is suspected to work over 10,000 hours and the RGB LCD can only work about 200 hours.

The mono screen is designed for 3d printers, it also consider the usage on 3d printing technology, a better contrast ratio means you will get better details on the models, especially in sharpness.


LCD Screen Size: 6.08 Inch

XY Resolution: Pixels

Pixel Size: 50µm

Whats in the Box

  • LCD Screen
  • Aluminium Bracket
  • Double-sided Adhesive
  • PVC Black tape

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