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Magforms X110 3D Photopolymer Resin White 1kg

Magforms X110 3D Photopolymer Resin White 1kg

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New Resin

Simplify Cleaning: X110 was produced with the strong advantage that its viscosity is really low, so the cleaning and post-processing will be easier, and the production efficiency can be improved a lot.

High Hardness and Strength: Compared to the fragile product printed with other resin, the product printed with X110 has a high Izod impact that will not break easily.

Assembling: Low shrinkage and high accuracy make parts have accurate dimensions and keep dimensions stably for a long time. Parts can be assembled and match perfectly.

Compatibility: Compatible with 405nm wavelength stereolithography DLP/LCD 3D printers.

Tensile Strength: 40.2MPa

Tensile Module: 2100-2300MPa

Flexural Strength: 72MPa

Flexural Modulus: 1800-1900MPa

Elongation at Break:19%

Izod Impact(Notched): 35J/m

Heat Deflection Temperature: 52°C

Hardness(Shore D): 84


Resin Material Type:

  • Standard Resin

Resin Colour:

  • White

Material Weight:

  • 1kg

Whats in the Box

  • 1KG bottle X110 3D Photopolymer Resin

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