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Welcome to 3D Print Monkey

The place for your high performance 3D Printer needs. Its also the home of the Sticky Monkey Flex Bed Plates and upgrade for the Prusa i3 printers. new high quality products added monthly so keep and eye on that, or sign up to our Newsletter to be one of the first to find out about our new and exciting products. 

We are slowly rebuilding our product list making sure the highest quality 3D Printed parts are available in the UK. if you do not so something you want, them message us and we may be able to help.

Previously we decided to suspend the sales of 3D Printer related material during the COVID-19 pandemic. This seems counter intuitive to a degree But we wanted to channel 100% of our resources in to helping fight COVID-19. What this means is that we were and still are 3D Printing face shield Parts for www.3dcrowd.uk. We would recommend you visit the site and see if you can help or donate.