Creative ways to incorporate 3D printing into your upcoming wedding

Creative ways to incorporate 3D printing into your upcoming wedding

Weddings are some of the most personalized events, and couples often want to put their special touch into every detail. But personalizing a wedding can be hard and costly, especially if you are not into the traditional décor for weddings. Some couples are looking for items that are usually unrelated to weddings; as a wedding planner, I have worked with unique couples passionate about a movie saga, dinosaurs, or even their professions.

Finding items that look classy enough for a wedding and incorporate their wishes is quite a challenge. That is how I came across 3D printing for the first time, and I was looking for a dinosaur wedding cake topper that my couple could keep after the reception. And to my surprise, the only ones I found looked more like a toddler's birthday party décor than they envisioned. Luckily 3D printing services came to my rescue, and we created the most amazing dinosaur wedding cake topper ever.

But there are many ways you can add 3D printing to your wedding, and that is why I have gathered a list of useful and creative elements a 3D printer can create for your wedding.

Wedding ring box

Keeping your wedding rings safe can have a twist when personalizing your wedding ring box to match your décor or personality. I have seen them in the shape of football balls, flowers, clams, and even the famous death star from Star Wars. Plus, you can keep it as a jeweller to place your rings there at night in a unique way.

Photo booth props

Aren't we all tired of the classic crowns, and I'm here for the food props? They are part of every wedding photo booth I have attended since the 2010s. Don't get me wrong, photo booths remain a great way to entertain wedding guests and keep awesome memories from your big day, but you can do better with props. Personalize them with catchy phrases that speak about your relationship or your humour, perhaps inspired by your favourite movie, series, or book characters. 3D printing can do wonders for you and your props.


Wedding decorations fall into the same when you go to wedding specialists, and we are used to the same themes and styles, classic, rustic, bohemian, and romantic. And that's about it with different variations of florals and colour palettes. So, if you have unique ideas and have already booked a one-of-a-kind wedding venue, you need your décor to match. I had a couple that tied the knot at a museum. They were very passionate about history and art, so they had cocktail hour in a beautiful museum room with floor-to-ceiling paintings, and the drinks had personalized straws and stirrers.

The reception tables had unique pieces designed by the 3D printing team, such as the table numbers and name tags for each guest. Each table was themed with an era, modern art, renaissance, baroque, and pop art; it was truly amazing. The best part was how each piece had a meaning for them and made perfect sense with their wedding theme and venue.


3D printing is the most out-of-the-box way to invite your loved ones to a once-in-a-lifetime event. Let's say you have a nautical wedding theme, you nailed a waterfront garden for your ceremony, and a beautiful reception awaits with lush floral centrepieces in blue and ivory hues. Imagine your guests receiving the wedding invitations, a 3D printed bottle with an intricate design including many nautical elements. And they discover the message in the bottle is your wedding invitation. What a magical way to prepare your guests for a unique wedding.

Creative ways to incorporate 3D printing into your upcoming wedding written by Rebeca Delatorre. 

I'm a wedding and event planner who loves writing and giving valuable information to couples. 

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