The 5 Best Travel Gadgets You Can Get With 3D Printing

The 5 Best Travel Gadgets You Can Get With 3D Printing

3D printing is becoming increasingly popular, and it is revolutionizing the world. Suddenly, people have the amazing opportunity to be able to print whatever item they need from the comfort of their homes or workspaces. Not only this makes it easier for people to get what they want when they need it, but it also opens the door to many exciting possibilities, such as in-depth customization of items. In other words, when you use a 3D printer, you’re not just limited to whatever choices are available to you. Anything goes! Many people are currently using their 3D printers to create wonderful travel gadgets for their next on-the-road adventures.

Keep reading to learn more about the top 5 travel gadgets you can 3D print!

Earbuds Holder

Many of us love to listen to music while we’re in transit. It’s an amazing way to relax and stay entertained throughout a long flight or train trip! Earbuds are also useful for people looking to watch movies or play games without giving up on quality sound. The main problem is that we often struggle with tangled cables and scrunched-up earbuds that get easily twisted and worn out! Thankfully, you can now print a convenient earbuds holder to keep it all nice and tidy.


Keychains are very useful, but also pretty. Not only are they amazing tools to make sure you don’t misplace your keys, but they can also be a cool way to express your personality and interests. With 3D printing tech, it is possible to print a huge variety of keychains, including multi-functional designs that also double up as phone stands. These can be incredibly handy while travelling.

Portable tripods

Taking photos and videos is now a vital part of our travel experience. Still, tripods and camera stands are quite pricey! Thankfully, it is possible to 3D print a wide variety of portable tripods that will work well with various mobile phones and cameras, including larger DSLR models. These small portable tripods are ideal for a quick photo set-up, and while they aren’t as versatile as larger professional stands, they will get the job done under most circumstances.

Travel games & toys

This category is endless. There are so many travel games and toys that can be 3D printed, offering you a whole lot of fun on the cheap! If you’re on a long family drive, you can 3D print some games, like chess boards, to keep your kids entertained in the back. If you’re going to spend some time at the beach, you can easily 3D print beach toys, like shovels, buckets, and sand moulds for hours of fun!


Last but not least, 3D printers come in handy if you want to print out a whole range of toiletry and personal care accessories. From compact toothbrush cases, down to soap containers and mini-spray bottles for cologne, there are many options that will make your trip practical and seamless.

The 5 Best Travel Gadgets You Can Get With 3D Printing


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