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Monocure 3D

Monocure 3D Tuff Crystal clear 405nm 1.25kg

Monocure 3D Tuff Crystal clear 405nm 1.25kg

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New Resin

Please welcome the newest member of the Monocure3D PRO Resin Range meet TUFF Crystal Clear. This resin is based on our advanced TUFF formulation, giving the same incredible high tensile strength. Still, it boasts non-yellowing properties that allow for a high level of clarity through the printed model.

For the best results, use fresh ResinAway for cleaning away any excess resin after printing, then post-cure gently using only a 405nm LED UV light source. We recommend using 15watt lights or less for around 5mins to keep the part as clear as possible. If extra strength is required, then you may need to increase your post-cure duration.

General Directions

  1. Ensure the vat has been completely cleaned from all previous coloured resin. This can mix with Crystal Clear and taint the clarity of the model.
  2. On Monochrome MLSA 3D printers with short exposure times start by adding 1sec on top of the Rapid / Tuff normal layer times you would normally use. This could end up being about 18s-22s x 4 base layers and then 2-3s normal layers.
  3. On RGB MSLA 3D printers add about 2s to the regular layer cure times. Typically 60s x 4 base layers and then 6-7s normal layers.
  4. If your printer supports reducing the power of the UV LED array try setting the power to 50%. Low and Slow will help prevent any yellowing of the model.
  5. Download one of our calibration models to help dial in the perfect base and normal exposure times.
  6. After the model has finished printing, clean the model in either ResinAway or IPA for no more that 5min (use a soft brush and/or use an ultrasonic cleaner). Try to get into all the smallest of crevices. Dry the model thoroughly with compressed air. If you see any trapped resin, follow up with a small squirt of ResinAway, soak 1min and then blow the excess off the model to ensure the surface is clean.
  7. When the model has been cleaned correctly, use a low powered 405nm only UV light source (10-2 W) and post cure for no more than 10min. If you do not have a low powered UV light source you can place the model in the shade (NO direct sunlight) and let it cure for 10-30min.
  8. If you notice any yellowing of the model, don't worry, the yellowing will fade over a week or two and return to a perfectly neutral clear.
  9. To best achieve that see through, glassy finish, you could use wet and dry sandpaper and then polish it or if the model has a complex surface , with fine details then you can use a clear coat spray paint, applying light coats to avoid drips.

Our development team have created this unique material to remain rigid and hard, yet withstand high tensile pressure. The strength improves with the increased thickness of the printed part. For more delicate, thinner models, it is recommended to add FLEX100 to increase the flexibility if required.


  1. Always shake the bottle before pouring from it.
  2. Always make sure the printer build surface is perfectly level.
  3. Always make sure there is no coloured/white/grey resin left in the vat.
  4. Always use a 405nm UV post curing light source less than 2 W. Low and Slow.
  5. Always ensure the surface of the model is 100% clear of uncured resin before curing.


  1. Don't post cure in a strong UV light source, particularly the sun.
  2. Don't use a curing station that uses anything but 405nm LEDs.
  3. Don't mix Crystal Clear with any other resins unless you want to change the colour of the model.
  4. Don't leave any cleaning fluids on the surface when curing.

Impact and Tensile Strength. What is the difference?

To test the durability of a material when it is dropped or hit with a sudden force is done by performing an Impact Strength Test. It is essential to understand that this is very different from a Tensile Strength Test.

In an impact resistance test, the material is subjected to a force suddenly without any warning. When measuring the Tensile strength of a material, the pressure is applied to it gradually. Failure for both phenomena happens through entirely different mechanisms. In tensile testing, stress exceeds fracture/ultimate value, and in impact testing, the energy transferred is too much for the material to handle.

If you require a high impact resistant parts, you can mix our TUFF resin with our FLEX100 resin to increase the impact resistance properties as needed.


Resin Material Type:

  • High Strength Resin

Resin Colour:

  • Clear/Translucent

Material Weight:

  • 1.25kg

Whats in the Box

  • 1.25kg Monocure 3D Tuff Crystal clear


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