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Asiga SuperCAST S Jewellery 3D Printer Resin 0.5kg

Asiga SuperCAST S Jewellery 3D Printer Resin 0.5kg

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New Resin

SuperCAST S is developed on next-generation polymer casting chemistry and optimised for speed. For time-critical pieces, SuperCAST S delivers the same castability as our SuperCAST X in a more reactive light-sensitive formula for shorter print times.

Fast printing, is smooth and ideal for those urgent projects.

Ash-Free burnout

Compatible with a wide range of gypsum-bonded investment powers

Manufactured by Asiga under ISO 13485:2016 & EN ISO 13485:2016


Resin Material Type:

Resin Colour:

  • Pink/Beige

Material Weight:

  • 0.5kg

Whats in the Box

  • 500g bottle of Asiga SuperCAST S Jewellery 3D Printer Resin

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  • Please note this product will be shipped directly from the UK manufacturer and should arrive within 1-10 working days. No collection is available on this item. If you have ordered multiple items they may be shipped separately.
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